of global e-commerce sales comes from partner programs


of marketers consider partner programs as crucial marketing

20% >

generated revenue by partners via an internal progam

Sir Filiate in a nutshell

Sir Filiate enables you to launch your own internal partner program,
with the goal to increase revenue and create an independent lead generator.

Own marketing channel, be independent.

A partner program makes you independent from external marketing channels. No worries anymore about rules and unexpected updates. Your business will thrive 24/7!

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Marketing costs based on actual sales

Partner programs are based on a commission per sale (CPS). Upfront marketing costs are history, you will pay a commission based on the performance of your partners.

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Monitor your partners activities with ease

Having a partner program is one thing, managing and monitoring partners is another. Our platform makes sure you don’t miss a thing!

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Partner platform
Partner platform

Partner payouts fully automated

Increasing revenue via partners is awesome! However, payouts and invoicing can result in a lot of workload. Luckily our platform has got you covered and automated this entire process for you!

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“Sir Filiate enables us to focus on growth instead of administrative tasks, which are only about spending money. Our handling time per payout improved from 15 minutes per partner to 1 minute for all partners together, no matter how many partners are in the payout batch.”