How marketing 6p helps to launch a successful affiliate program

marketing 6p

Marketing 6p and an affiliate or partner program, what does this have to do with each other and why is it important to have a good focus on both topics? In this blog we go deeper into this, topics to be reviewed are:

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing?
  2. What is Marketing 6p?
  3. Why do they influence each other?

Launching an internal affiliate or partner program for your company can be a very strong marketing method to realize more sales and brand awareness without upfront costs. It is a marketing model that is based on performance and not on views or clicks.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is actually nothing less than the digital version of the well-known word-of-mouth advertising, the difference is that with affiliate marketing you can promote a product or service in exchange for a commission. This can be a one-time commission or based on sales generated.

In general, your environment has a lot of influence on your purchasing behavior. If friends or family advise you to purchase a specific product because they have it themselves, you are more likely to purchase this product if it meets your requirements. The advice of people around you gives confidence and therefore steers towards a specific purchase.

With affiliate marketing you can build your own network of customers, partners and much more to promote your product to external companies and/or consumers. In this way you reach a much larger audience, in addition to extra turnover, this also ensures much more brand awareness.

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What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

What is Marketing 6p?

Marketing 6p is also called the marketing strategy, it consists of several different parts or instruments that are of great importance for the strategy of your company. The marketing strategy is a part that is usually established during the start-up phase of a company, but it can also be developed or adjusted later in the process. In this way you ensure that your strategy always aligns well with the market over time. The marketing 6p is determined by 6 parts:

  1. Product
  2. Place
  3. Price
  4. Promotion
  5. People
  6. Presentation


The product is one of the primary and most important parts of your marketing strategy. It determines which demand you can supply in the market with your product, which problem you solve or which process you simplify. The product itself can also be divided into a number of elements.

The first is related to the primary function of the product, what does it do to become effective and useful?

The second part is related to other properties, such as the quality of the product, the beautiful design or the unique color.

The last part is not directly related to the product as subject but more to the intangible, such as customer service, personal contact or other elements that can be important for the buyer.


The location says something about the location where your company is located, do you have a physical store, an online webshop, or both? The location and visibility of your company physically or online affects the market you can serve.

An online webshop has the advantage that it is easier to serve a larger market and to be visible. A physical store, on the other hand, has many advantages when it comes to the quality of support and advice to ensure that customers make the right choices. Personal advice in a store is still seen as added value by many consumers. Both a physical and online store? Then you have the opportunity to combine the advantages and to serve the market as optimally as possible.


In addition to a good product and location, it is of course very important that you research the value of your product or service. What are companies or consumers willing to pay for the solution or added value you provide?

For example, also look at the prices of competitors. Do you provide added value or more functionalities compared to your competitors? Do your competitors already have a good brand awareness and group of customers? Several factors determine what the smartest move is when it comes to your pricing strategy.

Are products offered by a competitor for a one-time fee? It in that case may be interesting to review if you can offer the product or service as a subscription model.


In addition to the product and the price, it is important to think about how your product or service is communicated to the market. Do you use flyers or an advertisement in the newspaper? Or do you use social media channels to share more about your company.

Setting up an affiliate program to reach a wider market is also a part of promotion, customers, blogs or influencers can help to reach a lot of new potential customers within a short period of time.

There are of course various promotional channels that can be used in parallel to reach your target group. When formulating your 6ps, think carefully about the most effective ways for your company to realize as much output (turnover) with as little input as possible.


The right staff is certainly a major challenge in these times and yet a crucial factor when it comes to a successful marketing strategy. If you want more online visibility, you can think of a specialist when it comes to SEO or Google Ads. The moment your company grows, for example, there may be a greater need for further development of your product or support for customers.

Preparing and gathering a good team around you can largely determine the success and growth of your company.


The moment you have attracted customers and interest has been created, it is important that the presentation of your product or service is clear. For your online webshop you want the overview of features and prices to be easy for customers to find. A complex and unclear structure on your website causes customers to leave.

For example, in a physical store you want the products to be displayed clearly and conveniently, new or popular products can be highlighted in a separate location to attract the attention of customers.

Why do they influence each other?

Setting up an affiliate or partner program for your company is a very strong and cost effective marketing method to realize more sales and brand awareness. Nevertheless, it is important that your marketing strategy (Marketing 6ps) is well set up, because this forms the basis for the potential of your company and conversion of customers.

Generating extra visitors to your website can grow significantly through affiliates or partners. However, the pricing, features, presentation and other elements of your company and product/service or your website determine whether the visitors will actually convert.

The number of clicks and the conversion of customers is something that can be checked regularly. The advantage of your marketing strategy is that it is also dynamic and can be continuously updated over time. Have you set up a successful strategy? Then you see that the promotion of your affiliates is quickly and in high numbers converted into new customers. The formula for success has been realized!