How to start a partner program with WooCommerce?

Setting up an affiliate program for your brand/company is almost a must these days.

It is the digital variant of word-of-mouth advertising where more growth in sales and brand awareness is achieved. The biggest advantage is that this model is performance based, you only pay commission to your affiliates the moment a sale is made.

Yet many people think that it is extremely complex to set up and manage an affiliate program. How do you track the sales and how do you manage the earned commissions of all affiliates? Fortunately, nowadays there are very solid tools that can help you with this to ensure that you have time for what is most important, running your business.

The following items are further discussed here:

  1. Sign up to Sir Filiate
  2. Download the WooCommerce plugin
  3. Set up your account
  4. Getting started with affiliates

1. Sign up at Sir Filiate

WooCommerce does not have an option to set up and manage an affiliate program by default. Fortunately, Sir Filiate has an integration with WooCommerce which makes it easy to set up and manage an affiliate program. Go to the pricing page on the website and select the plan that best suits your business.

Not sure which plan is best for your business? Then schedule a free live demo with one of our employees to discuss the needs and possibilities.

After signing up you will receive an email with your login URL (eg: [company] and a temporary password. Your account has been created and you can start!

2. Download the WooCommerce plugin

Now that your Sir Filiate account has been created, it is important to make the integration with your WooCommerce webshop. The integration ensures that the systems communicate with each other to check which orders are “organic” and which orders are generated by your affiliates. This way the commission for your affiliates can be allocated correctly.

Send us an email to and we will send the WooCommerce plugin , if the download is successful you can add it to your website. Go to your WordPress /wp-admin environment and click on plugins, then click on the “add new” button at the top of the page. Select the Sir FIliate .zip file and click on install and activate.

Plugin installed successfully
After adding the plugin you can find the settings at WooCommerce -> Settings -> Sir Filiate (Tab). Here you can update settings such as minimum order value and cookie duration.

WooCommerce partner program

To make the connection you need an API key, which can be generated in the Sir Filiate platform.

  • Login to your Sir Filiate dashboard (ex:
  • Click on “Integrations” in the main menu
  • Click on “Add API Key”
  • Give the API key a label, for example “WooCommerce”
  • Click on confirm, the API key will be created and displayed.
WooCommerce partner program

Copy the API code and paste it in the Sir Filiate plugins settings of your WordPress site. If the status indicates “Authorized” the link has been made successfully.

3. Setup your account

The moment your account has been created and the integration with your webshop has been made, it is time to set up your account setting. Login to your dashboard and go to settings, walk through the different tabs to view and set the options. Important points to set right away are:

  • Referral URL: The main URL of your website that will be followed
  • Commission: How much % or € commission do you offer per sale?
  • Payment Threshold: At what earned value will the affiliate be paid?
  • Payment period: Per which period do you want to pay affiliates?
WooCommerce partner program

Did you purchase the “Scale-Up” or “Elite” package? Then you can also brand the platform to your own brand, add your logo and custom URL (eg: to ensure that your partners see the identity of your company.

4. Getting started with affiliates

Now that your account has been set up, you can immediately start with affiliates. Create affiliates manually or invite them by sending a “sign-up” link. You can also add this link to your website, so new affiliates can easily sign up when they visit your website. Each registration is indicated by email and in the dashboard, only after approval are the affiliates considered active in the dashboard.

After registration, the affiliate will automatically receive an email with his/her login details for the Affiliate dashboard, where they can find the referral URL and see achieved results.

WooCommerce partner program