Woosa switches to Sir Filiate

Woosa switches

Woosa switches to Sir Filiate. A time saving of 6 hours per month, that’s what Sir Filiate realizes for Woosa.

Who is Woosa?

Woosa is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, which focuses on the development of web shop links to external platforms. For example, a customer of Woosa has built his own webshop with WordPress, WooCommerce and wants to sell his products through Bol.com. Woosa automates this process, so the owner of the webshop can continue to manage everything from his own webshop environment.

Why does Woosa have an affiliate program?

Having an affiliate program is necessary for Woosa. After all, they frequently have to deal with intermediaries, such as: web builders, online marketing agencies, market space experts and many others. However, the current method of managing affiliates was cluttered and above all time consuming. So the switch to Sir Filiate was a no-brainer.

Why did you choose Sir Filiate?

We were looking for a platform that could easily manage our affiliates, track their conversion and automate payouts without having to change the entire checkout process of our website.

Sir Filiate had both, we could integrate directly with our own WooCommerce webshop and payments are 99% automated.

What are your ambitions regarding the affiliate program?

Woosa has grown rapidly over the past 2.5 years. We owe this in part to our affiliates (we call them partners). The need for a WooCommerce plugin of our caliber, arises at 2 times:

During the construction of the web shop. Here the web builder often has the advisory role and this is – almost always – listened to.
After the web shop is live and more turnover must be realized. The online marketing agency often has an advisory role in this.

Affiliates are therefore logically our ambassadors and ensure that we are recommended at any time in the process of building and optimizing a webshop.

Easy migration

Finally, Woosa was already using another software platform that did not fully meet its needs. Sir Filiate took care of the complete migration, so we could go live as soon as possible.

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